About us Friendly Inn

Friendly Inn is a chain of boutique and designer hotels located in the center of the capital.

Hotels are located in buildings that are architectural monuments, which used to house commercial houses of merchants and apartments of brilliant historical figures known all over the world.

The historical buildings of our hotels have preserved the flavor and atmosphere of medieval Moscow.

We combined history and modern comfort for you. We managed to preserve the spirit of that time and take a fresh look at its content. Many elements of the walls have now become part of the interior of the hotel rooms, which makes them unique in their own way and provides an opportunity to truly touch the history of that time.

Hotels are waiting for their guests in the historical center of Moscow, within walking distance from Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lubyanka and Okhotny Ryad metro stations.

The functionality and equipment of the rooms will leave the most pleasant experience, and the hospitality and high level of service will help guests choose our hotels again and again.

Hospitality is our main mission! We are very scrupulous about cleanliness in the rooms and kind to the guests, creating conditions for the most comfortable and safe stay.
Our hotels are located in the buildings of architectural monuments and have a small number of rooms, which is a great advantage in today’s alarming conditions, since there is no a large crowd of people. And the standards of protection and disinfection, which we impeccably comply with, guarantee maximum safety.